Elbe Hills Trails and Preservation of Riding Trails

Elbe Hills in Pierce County is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Washington. It wasn’t like this some years ago. Elbe Hills together with the Tahoma State Forest was almost left barren after extensive deforestation by the timber industry. These areas have been nursed back to health and abundance. This makes Elbe Hills a great example of trail preservation.

Elbe Hills is a national treasure and is protected by several preservation laws. The trails that run through this area are allocated to different types of recreational activities. There are 4×4 trails, equestrian trails, hiking trails, and biking trails. There are even camping spots.

Trail preservation is important because it allows horse riders and their horses the freedom to be in nature and experience its beauty while bonding. Elbe Hills is a place where this can happen. It is one of the few trails that are still open to horse riders and that is why we love it.

Horse trail restoration and preservation is a long road. This is why it is important to make sure that you and your horse respect the trail and the other people and animals that you come across. A horse is a big animal and its hooves can cause a lot of damage with little effort. It is important that you as the rider realize this and take measures to counter any damage. By respecting nature and understanding your horse and his effect on his surroundings, you can be a wiser and more nature-conscious rider. You will be able to prevent your horse from causing erosion or trampling plants. You will also know how to reduce the chances of him spreading weeds to other areas.

Elbe Hills, like most other natural public trails, have rules for riding. You must be alert and aware of hikers and other people sharing the trail with you. You should avoid running with your horse as it will scare people and cause ground damage. You should pass hikers calmly or let them pass you. A horse can be intimidating to people who don’t know or understand them. So, be careful and considerate to your fellow trail users.

Elbe Hills is like a fairy tale of the ugly duckling turning into a swan. Today, it is one of the most beautiful and well-protected forests. It offers many recreational activities including horse riding. If you ever want a great horse riding experience, you must go to Elbe Hills. Both you and your horse will love the experience and find yourselves in awe of the natural beauty that has been restored.

Elbe Hills is now one of the few and very beautiful forests with trails we have. It is important that every horse rider, hiker, biker and other trail users take it upon them to preserve this trail and prevent it from becoming barren again.