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Help us preserve and maintain trail for rider on open trails for recreational purposes


PCCBCHW has taken it upon them to make sure that equestrians can continue to ride their horses on public trails for recreational purposes.
PCCBCHW organizes several events during the year. Our events center around creating awareness, educating horse riders, and raising funds.
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Mounted Archery

mounted archer on horse

Here at PCCBHW we take pride in mounted archery skills. Horseback riding is a wonderful hobby and making it more exciting by learning mounted archery can be very fun and exciting. We are getting ready to start a new contest, geared towards mounted archery. Many of the trails that we have helped to preserve will be participating in the event and will let us set up various mounted archery courses along those trails. This will be a great experience and lots of fun, for both young and old archers, who want to challenge their archery and horseback riding skills. You will be able to practice on the trails for a few hours before starting the competition, to become familiar with the trail.

Once the competition has begun you will have to hit the most targets on the trail than your fellow competitors. In the event of a tie, the two winners will have to prepare for a battle of the wits. Each contestant will be asked various archery questions, in trivia form, such as ‘Who invented archery first?’ and other important archery questions. The winner of the archery trivia will be the grand prize winner. There will be a second place prize for the runner up. Get mounted and ready to ride the trails and participate in this new competition.

Mounted archery does not always have to be done in a competition style setting. If you own your own land, you could set up your own mounted archery course. This can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Test your mounted archery skills and practice on your home made mounted archery course. The age old saying, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ definitely applies here. If you hone in on those skills and make time to practice, you will quickly master the art of mounted archery.