Pierce County Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of Washington is an organization that works to preserve riding trails for equestrians. There have been many issues and conflicts regarding the use of public riding trails by horsemen and women. PCCBCHW has taken it upon them to make sure that equestrians can continue to ride their horses on public trails for recreational purposes.

The purpose of PCCBCHW is four-fold:

  1. To make it legal and retain the rights of American people to use horses and mules for recreation on public riding trails.
  2. To bring together horsemen and land agencies to find ways to cooperate and reach the goals and objectives of these agencies pertaining to safe recreational horse riding.
  3. To educate horse riders on best practice and behavior to preserve horse trails and be considerate to other trail users.
  4. To stand up against unfair or unjustified restrictions on stock use and recreational horse riding on public lands.

These four points are what PCCBCHW is all about. We work to make sure that horse riders and their horses are allowed to use public trails for recreational purposes. We work against unfair treatment and restrictions on equestrian access. We also work with the government and other agencies to find ways to compromise and make it safe for all trail users.